About FauxID.com

FauxID is a free tool for generating fake names and identities information.

What is Faux ID mean?

"Faux" is a french for "false". The word is pronounces /fō/ Listen

Faux is also sometimes mispronounces to sound like the word "fawkes" (fɔːks/). This pronunciation may be associated with conspirator "Guy Fawkes." Today, Guy Fawkes is mostly known for the white masks worn by anonymous.

ID is an abbreviation for "identity".

Why use a fake name generator?

There are many uses for a fake name generator, including:

  • System testing – test you website or database with data that looks real
  • Register for websites that ask for too much information
  • Come up with characters for a fictional story, D&D campaign, Pen Name, or Pseudonym.

FauxId is perfect for use anytime you need to protect you real identity. Websites on the Internet ask for too much information all the time. Protect your identity by only giving our your real information when absolutely necessary.

Which countries are supported?

FauxID Fake Identity Generator can generate fake identities with name, address, nation identification number, and more for over 30 countries including:

Can I Generate an Address in a Specific State?

FauxID Fake Name Generator can generate fake Addresses in all 50 states. Click the links below to get started:

How Realistic are the Identities?

We do our best to make the identities as unique and consistent as possible. Here is a short list of steps we take:

  • We use real cities and matching zip code in each city and state.
  • Areas codes and social security numbers match the address location
  • Height and weight are realistic and computed based on a normal distribution of heights and BMI for the selected gender
  • Names are determined based on the frequency of different names in the birth year
  • We go through a lot of effort to ensure identities are realistic and are working to improve all the time.

If you have suggestions on how to improve our Fake Name Generator, please contact us.