Fake Generator Tools

Here are a list of tools that can help you create fake identities, fake emails, fake credit cards, fake driver's license, and a fake company.

Identity Generator
What does the identity generator do?

The fake identity generator creates random first and last names, an address, cryptocurrency addresses, internet details, education, company name, a social security number, a credit card, and a phone number.

Create a fake identity
Random Text Generator
What does the random text generator do?

The random text generator creates a random fake text in 20 different languages, and it also includes a random HTML text and shows you what the HTML would look like.

Create random text
Fake Email Generator
What does the fake email generator do?

This tool simply creates a list of fake emails that you could copy very easily with one click. You could generate up to 1000 emails in one go if you wanted to.

Create fake emails
Fake Credit Card Generator
What does the fake credit card generator do?

The fake credit card generator creates credit cards based on the Card type and the BIN, which is the first few numbers the credit card starts with. This creates a list of visualized cards, a JSON list, an XML list, CSV list, a table of credit cards, and a downloadable CSV file.

Create fake credit cards
Fake Credit Card Validator
What does the fake credit card validator do?

This tool validates the credit card numbers and checks if it passes the Luhn Algorithm, checks the major industry identifier, and finds the card type based on the bank identification number.

Validate credit cards
Fake Driver's License Generator
What does the fake driver's license generator do?

The fake driver's license creates a driver's license card based on the US state. The card includes a random ID number that is specific to the state, random first and last names, a random address, a random date of birth, a random height based on the sex of the driver, a random image of the driver, a random driver's license type, and random issued and expired dates.

Create Fake Driver's license
Fake Company Name Generator
What does the fake company name generator do?

This tool helps create business ideas by giving the user a list of company names, a short description of what the company does, a company email, and an EIN. These generated companies are based on the country selected. This tool can also be used for testing purposes such as filling a database with data.

Create Fake Companies
Fake Phone Number Generator
What does the fake phone number generator do?

The fake phone number generator simply creates a list of fake phone numbers. The user can easily copy the list with one click and can specify how many phone numbers to generate. This tool can generate up to 1000 phone numbers in one go.

Create Fake Phone Numbers
Fake SSN Generator
Fake SSN Generator

Generate Fake Social Security number allows you to generate fake SSNs that meet rudimentary validation checks.

Create Fake Phone Numbers