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Fake United States Company Names

# Fake Company Name Description Tagline Company Email EIN
1 Prosacco Inc Facetoface Global Encoding Engineer Enterprise E-Tailers [email protected] 62-4281966
2 Schmeler-Rath Expanded Upward-Trending Infrastructure Engage Cross-Platform Mindshare [email protected] 22-6222104
3 Raynor, Windler and Schoen Synergized Background Budgetarymanagement Visualize Robust Supply-Chains [email protected] 76-5366436
4 Cummerata, Breitenberg and Bayer Extended Dynamic Infrastructure Integrate Strategic Web-Readiness [email protected] 64-5496284
5 Murray, Crona and Labadie Persistent Incremental Project Streamline Revolutionary Roi [email protected] 20-5193617
6 Johnson-Ortiz Team-Oriented Modular Frame Reinvent Virtual Functionalities [email protected] 46-9664481
7 Spencer PLC Implemented Tertiary Algorithm Leverage Front-End Niches [email protected] 27-4324198
8 Little-Goodwin Intuitive Attitude-Oriented Hardware Scale Vertical E-Markets [email protected] 74-7351324
9 Ullrich and Sons Optional Fresh-Thinking Frame Incentivize E-Business E-Business [email protected] 26-9402744
10 Feil-Kreiger Horizontal Bi-Directional Budgetarymanagement Incubate Collaborative Applications [email protected] 20-9989377