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Fake United States Company Names

# Fake Company Name Description Tagline Company Email EIN
1 Kessler, Treutel and Gerlach Right-Sized Neutral Encoding Architect Value-Added Synergies [email protected] 41-2719351
2 Cummerata, Sawayn and Pacocha Versatile Even-Keeled Info-Mediaries Streamline Front-End Mindshare [email protected] 39-5133455
3 Shields-Krajcik Grass-Roots Neutral Extranet Harness Holistic Paradigms [email protected] 71-8333497
4 Hahn, Hodkiewicz and Sipes Stand-Alone Executive Info-Mediaries Implement Wireless Webservices [email protected] 67-4483298
5 Jenkins-Gutkowski Future-Proofed Modular Website Expedite Clicks-And-Mortar Users [email protected] 72-9170892
6 Lebsack, Wiza and Shanahan Networked Optimizing Service-Desk Deliver Proactive Systems [email protected] 30-1814929
7 Miller Ltd Multi-Tiered Mobile Toolset Empower Rich Content [email protected] 88-8024311
8 Paucek LLC Synergized Actuating Intranet Cultivate Synergistic Relationships [email protected] 34-9305902
9 Krajcik-Bayer Ergonomic Demand-Driven Policy Transform Compelling Roi [email protected] 84-8522935
10 Dickens-Ullrich Business-Focused Context-Sensitive Migration Whiteboard Mission-Critical E-Services [email protected] 35-1344816