Social Security Number Generator

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How it works

Prior to 2011, the Social Security Administration (SSA) issued social security numbers in a specific pattern. We can use this pattern to decode social security numbers. In 2011, the SSA began randomize Social Security Number issuance so this trick no longer works.

Originally, the SSA issued each state a block of Social Security Numbers. Then the states issued numbers from that block whenever a new number was requested.

The SSA used to publish this information publicly until 2011. We saved that data and use it now to power this tool.

Basically, the first 3 digits of an SSN tell you the state where the number was issued. The 4th and 5th digits tell you approximately what year the number was issued. The last 4 digits are randomly generated.

How to estimate age based on issuance date?

We only know approximately when a number was issued. But based on this data we can estimate a cardholders date of birth.

Before the 1987 most SSNs were issued when a person started their first job (usually as a teenager). Starting in 1987 the IRS began requiring an SSN for each dependent claimed on a person's personal tax return. Claiming a dependent affords you tax benefits. As a result of this new SSN requirement, parents started getting SSN numbers for their children at birth.


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